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Benefits of Using a Shower Water Filter

Nothing does it like a morning shower fixed with aquabliss shower filter before you rush out to start your day. Taking a shower is always rejuvenating, refreshing and plus it cleans of sweat, dirt, and dust from the body. When one is taking a hot shower, their skin loosens up thus leaving the pores open. If the skin is open, it means certain substances can penetrate through it.

What many people don't know is that the shower water is full of contaminants which are not visible to the naked eye. The most common contaminant is chlorine which is used in the water treatment process. When a person is using hard water especially from the shower it has additional impurities. This may include fluoride, chloroform, bacteria, chloramine, and sediment. Contaminated water may also contain heavy metals such as lead, sulfur, and calcium carbonate. These contaminants can be harmful to the skin or hair. Substances, such as chlorine are hard on the skin and the hair hence it causes them to dry up.

In some instances, the contaminants can also affect the person's health. For instance, inhaling contaminants from the vapor in the shower can trigger respiratory infections. This may include asthma, lung problems, and allergies. Furthermore, it can cause the eyes to be itchy. Researchers say the exposing the skin to the impurities found in the shower water can lead to skin cancer. It is imperative that everyone protects themselves from being exposed to this impurities. An excellent way of doing this is by purchasing a shower water filter. A well maintained and quality filter head will extract most of this impurities from the shower water before it passes on to the shower head. Consider buying aquabliss filter from the most reputable company now.

A good water filter should be efficient and durable so that it gives you value for your money. Additionally, a good filter is designed with a multi-stage water filtering ability. This ensures that most, if not all the impurities are removed from the water before it passes through the filter head. An excellent filter ensures that the filtering process does not interfere with the showers water output. The shower should release as much water when it is fitted with the filter as it does without one. The shower filter should be easy to install. A shower filter should not be too technical to fit. Importantly, the shower filter cartridges should be of good quality so that they do not inconvenience the user. Although replacement of filter cartridges is contingent to the usage, they should be fairly durable. The best cartridge in the market currently can last up to twelve months.

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